Business Plans

For any business to flourish, be on a stable financial foundation and consistently be a revenue generating entity, it is essential that it has a sound business plan.

Now what is a business plan? It is a roadmap for future growth and development based on a large number of parameters. These include cash flow and future working capital requirements based on likely increase in sales and product diversification, pricing of existing and new brands, and measures to optimise turnover. So comprehensive is this document that it can be placed before lenders and potential partners for increased credit limits.

JAG Team Professional Bookkeepers has the necessary professional expertise to strategise business plans for start-ups, small businesses and even large corporations that are witnessing temporary slump in business or stagnant sales. Our consultants are highly experienced and qualified in different fields of business – sales and marketing, finance and administrative decision making to name a few.

We’ll also draw up business plans with specific industry related financial budgetary models that will after implementation result in exponential growth for your business.

Give us a call. Our consultants will devise business plans that will surely help take your business to the next level.