Customer Management

It becomes extremely difficult for any business regardless of its size to function smoothly when bills remain unpaid and inflows start to dry up. If you face such a situation the best option is to consider utilising the services of a reputed debt collection company to ease your problems.

JAG Team Professional Bookkeepers offers time bound and effective outstanding debtor payments collection services. Assign your past due debts to us for recovery and we will ensure that even the most stubborn of old business to business debts are liquidated. Most importantly, our systems are always above board and we provide high collection results without ever infringing on your clients’ rights. In extreme cases, we even help structure an easy payment plan for your customers that are in tune with their repayment capabilities.

Our process of collection of outstanding debtor payments borders on being persistent without being overbearing – a method that has always yielded results. Get in touch with us to do away with those old sticky debts.