Supplier Management

Setting supplier payment conditions that will optimise working capital requirements through staggered and suitable terms are very important for any business. It is crucial that supplier payments are regularly reviewed so that you can manage your cash flow well.

JAG Team Professional Bookkeepers will help set up a supplier payment chain that will be convenient for you. We will help establish accounting systems that will ensure that your suppliers are not paid early, late or twice. Due dates of payments will be automatically notified to you.

We also specialise in settling any supplier payments disputes and being a part of the resolution process. Contracts and documents will be checked to verify any breach on the part of the supplier. We will then contact the supplier and negotiate an agreement on your behalf. This will leave you free to focus on core business activities without getting distracted.

In cases that require special attention, we will contact a dispute resolution body that can help. There are a number of such departments in Victoria.

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